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New Investor Document Library

Start here to get your entity set up and ready to be serviced. The following can be completed via DocuSign. When you click the link you will be prompted to create a secure account in order to sign and record your information.

Entity Set Up

The following forms need to be filled out once per entity.

Loan Servicing Agreement



Power of attorney

The following must be downloaded, signed, and returned to BIFI as an email attachment sent to

Individual Loan Setup

The following forms need to be filled out once per loan.

Loan Setup Form

TILA Transfer Notice

FC Referral Form

FPI Request Form

Servicing Fees

*all fees are per loan

Service Transfer In (Loan Boarding) $100.00
Service Transfer Out (Loan De-Boarding) $150.00
ARM Setup  $15.00
BK Setup  $50.00
Escrow Setup $25.00
HELOC Setup $15.00
Truth-In-Lending Act Ownership Transfer  $25.00
Standard Servicing Fee $30.00
Loss Mitigation Fee $50.00
Escrow Services $10.00
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) $5.00
Bankruptcy Plan $20.00   
HELOC  $5.00


Bankruptcy Setup $50.00
Bankruptcy Proof of Claim/Amended Proof of Claim $50.00 + Attorney Fee
Bankruptcy Notice of Payment Change $25.00 + Attorney Fee
Bankruptcy Post-Petition Fee Notice $25.00 + Attorney Fee
Bankruptcy Transfer of Claim $75.00
Escrow Setup (at boarding) $25.00
Escrow Setup (after boarding) $50.00
Escrow Monthly Service $5.00
Escrow Termination $20.00
Tax Tracking ONLY (annually) $50.00


Demand Letter Coordination    

$100.00  +  Attorney Fees

Foreclosure  Coordination

$400.00 + Attorney Fees

Cash For Keys/Deed In Lieu

$175 + Attorney Fee

Deferral Agreement


Maturity Extension 


Maturity Notice


Modification Agreement + Loan Reset

$400.00 + $50.00 (mobile notary costs not included)

Trial Payment Plan


Forbearance Agreement 


Payoff/Settlement Coordination

$750 or 3% whichever is greater

Reinstatement Coordination (12+ months) 

$400.00 or 3% whichever is greater

Loan Reset Fee



Assignment & Allonge Preparation


Assignment Recording

$25.00 + Recording Fee

Collateral Housing 


Lien Release/Satisfaction 

$75.00 + Recording Fee

QuitClaim Deed, Warrant Deeds, LNA, ETC

$25.00 + Drafting Fee

Credit Reports $15.00
Door Knocker $30.00
Property Inspection $30.00
FPI Admin Fee  $200.00 (annually)
Payoff Statement $10.00
Reinstatement Statement  $10.00
Statement of Account $10.00
Property Preservation  $25.00 + Preservation Company Cost per order
REO Management  $75.00 (monthly)
QWR $500.00
Verification of Mortgage Request $25.00

Expedite Disbursement 


Wire Fee


Investor FAQs

What States are you licensed in?

You can view our current licenses by reviewing our NMLS Consumer Access page here.