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A fully compliant licensed mortgage servicing company for private note investors.
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BIFI provides a one-stop-shop for services and resources for investors who want to spend more time on their business, rather than in their business. 

Our Promise

As investors and expert service providers ourselves, we know what it’s like to be on both sides of the table. BIFI was created to address the “pain points” caused by the industry-standard way of servicing loans. Our all-in-one business model provides a smoother, friendlier, and easier process for all of our clients.

What We Do

Instead of dealing with a dozen different vendors (and a lot of hold music) we help you ditch the frustration by providing all the services needed and required to prep, board, and manage your mortgage note investments.

Standard Loan Servicing

Loss Mitigation Servicing


Insurance, Tax Monitoring, Document Prep & Support

Shante Duffy

Shante Duffy, VP of Operations

“We excel in assisting our clients in understanding the servicing industry as a whole and what is required of them.”

The terms honesty, integrity, and accountability aren’t just buzzwords to us. We’re setting a new industry standard and closing the gaps left open by other service providers.

At BIFI, take an agile approach to serving our clients, continuously adapting to industry changes and investor needs

With decades of industry experience in commercial and residential real estate as well as both the lending and servicing spaces, we understand how to meet your needs while remaining in compliance.